Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Newest Japanese Dessert Shari Shari Kakigori House is now in the Phillipines

Finally, Filipinos can now taste and enjoy Japan's authentic Japanese shaved ice desserts. Shari Shari Kakigori House finally will open its first store in Serendra, Fort Bonifacio Global City.

Much like outlets in Hong Kong, the Serendra branch has everything that has made Shari Shari Kakigori a favorite among those with a sweet tooth. Dessert lovers have another sweet reason to rejoice.

Gather your friends and family and be the first among others who's craving for this unique dessert.  Heads up to Shari Shari and Beat the summer heat and refresh your day with an awesome selection of flavors. Each shaved ice dessert is paired with a signature syrup and matching topping or powder to complete your cool Japanese dessert experience! You can put your own twist to it by adding your favorite toppings: ice cream, shiratama, cookies, cream, red bean, chocolate sauce, different powders, and kuromitsu!

Massive servings 
Get ready for a huge serving of the yummiest kakigori you’ll ever find! In fact, the servings here in the Philippines are much bigger than the ones in Hong Kong, making it perfect for sharing. Bring along your friends so you could try its different flavors and share the icy concoctions among yourselves.

Shari Shari Kakigori puts utmost importance in providing an unforgettable dessert experience, and that’s why their ice machine comes all the way from Japan. By marrying art and precision, Shari Shari Kakigori House produces the smoothest, fluffiest, and cloud-like ice that quickly melts in your mouth but doesn’t easily soften once served––way different than any icy dessert you’ve tried before!

Limited and seasonal flavors 
With the promise to only serve the freshest flavors, Shari Shari constantly changes their menu according to what’s in season and incorporates it into their kakigori for that sweet Japanese twist. Make sure to visit as often you can so you can try all their flavors before some disappear!

Always picture perfect 
Beyond being extra yummy, these iced concoctions make for Instagram-worthy posts. Get your friends drooling with great photos of these wonderful desserts.

Great for kids, too
Shari Shari isn’t only for adults looking for something sweet, but their desserts can be enjoyed by kids too. They also have cookies and cream creation called Black White Angel as well as classic and fruits flavors such as Tiramisu, Banana, and even Mango!

Japanese Tofu Kakigori 
This uniquely Japanese flavor has people lining up for it! It is made from Japanese Tofu and sugar, producing a subtle sweetness and strong soybean flavor. It is topped with Mikan orange to give you that sour kick but still goes perfectly with the tofu.

If matcha is your thing, you’ll rave over the Matcha Cream Special, with its delightful combination of shaved ice, matcha cream, kuromitsu, whipped cream, and cookies! Their matcha is sourced and flown in from Japan, which ensures the use of high quality, authentic matcha powder. You can even choose if you want it with chocolate! No wonder this is one of their bestsellers!

Sauces to die for! 
All their sauces are made fresh daily and we mean all of them. All kakigori choices on the menu have different sauces in them, so don’t hesitate to try more than one!

Locally exclusive kakigori 
Shari Shari will be serving Melon Kakigori–which will only be available in the Philippines–with melons from local farms to ensure a sweet, juicy, and flavorful dessert.

Whether it's ice cream, smoothies or any other desserts I'm choosing the flavors with fruit content. So immediately I order the Cantaloupe Melon - (Melon syrup, whipped cream & melon toppings) and excited to know what's it's going to taste like. I get the 1 serving for sharing and get my stomach full already. The overall taste is good but I expect its sweeter or maybe just because it's blended with whipped cream and shave ice that makes it bland. Hopefully, they could add some sweetener for some customers that preferred more sweeter in their taste buds. 

Second, I ordered the Strawberry Special - (Strawberry milk syrup, whipped cream & strawberry toppings) this time it's more sweetier compare to Melon so I enjoy it so much and finished the whole serving.

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