Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Inflatable Water Park, Aqua Park and Inflatable Islands from Aqua Play Parks

Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort

Nakapagwater park kana ba? Do you have any idea how to play and have fun in an inflatable water park and aqua parks? Ever curious how it feels to jump so high and scream out so loud? And curious kaba malaman paano ginagawa ang isang napakalaking water aqua play parks at kung sino ang henyo behind it? Lahat ng kasagutan eshe-share ko sa blgo na eto.
Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort
Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort
Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort
Photo credits to Kamia Bay Resort

Ang henyo sa napakalaking playground wherein playground na lumulutang mula sa tubig ay ang Aqua Play Parks who are the one's who designs and manufacture the floating parks. Mr. Peter Appleton (Canadian architect and inflatables designer builders since 1988) as the CEO and head designer. One of the only few pioneers in inflatable leisure and amusement industry.

Photo credits Aqua Play Parks
Ever wonder if your a resort owner in any places in the Philippines you can have your own water park built by Aqua Play Parks designed by your budget.
  • We started our building processes in Canada and worked with all the American inflatables companies building and repairing.. As we now have established a more international presence, we set up our OWN FACTORY in China. We now work in union together, we all the staff at the factory on a daily basis and oversee all production processes from start to finish! This way we can give you good competitive pricing for what ever level of quality you desire.
  • Since working in China since 2009, we know all the other factories and we know where our competitors are building. We see their quality and some of their new offerings and quality standards. We have stood directly on their factory floors. We know what the competitors are doing. And we have even seen their recalls. As a foreigner living in China, I can walk into any factory. I can tour the factory and scout out all the production orders on the table. i see the workmanship. I am a designer and builder. I recognize very fast, all the little details good or bad.A typical Inflatable Chinese factory boss and their workers don't have this advantage to learn from others. They cannot walk from factory to factory. They will be recognized as Spies so in turn, they can only build from copying other's pictures.
  • We have 30+ years of "play element and safety design" experience for in the inflatable industry. Our competitors do not! We can take this experience and use it to your benefit to increase the safety element and the excitement factor for your next inflatable investment. We are always coming up with new designs on a constant basis due to this long run of experience. Work with us! stay with us! We will take this business to the next level via design and innovation.
More and more Inflatable Water Park, Aqua Park and Inflatable Islands from Aqua Play Parks is being made and the two most awaited are Siargao Waterworld and the Seashore Beach Club something people whose excited for summer a must go destination.
Siargao Waterworld
Barangay Libertad General Luna, Siargao Island
Photo credits Siargao Waterworld
Photo credits Siargao Waterworld
Photo credits Siargao Waterworld

The Seashore Beach Club
Calubcalub, San Juan Batangas

Be Part of Aqua Play Parks Group! They will make YOU stand out over all others, with great new designs and innovation! To know how visit their website at http://www.aquaplayparks.com/,  Facebook: Aqua Play Parks Philippines, and Instagram: aquaplayparkadventures.


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