Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Awesomeness of Singapore Math from Galileo

Established in 2004, the Galileo Enrichment Learning Program was created by a group of educators who saw the need to reinforce school-based learning in today's globally competitive environment. Studies were conducted on how to optimize learning outcomes and the result was a program which caters to the different learning pace and style of each child, taking into account one's need for an encouraging and positive learning environment.
Galileo's Telescopic Approach was inspired by the contribution of the famous Galileo Galilei to science, the telescope. The event happened last March 2, 2019, at Power Mac Training Center, 2/F Cedar Executive Building, 1006 Antonio Arnaez Ave., Makati City.

Galileo's Advocacy has identified the growing needs of students and has customized an English and Math enrichment program which addresses the learning gap that many children are forced to brave on their own. It caters to preschool and elementary students, ages three to twelve. In the heart of the program is the advocacy to improve the quality of education in the country and come out with Telescopic Approach which focuses on each child's learning needs. The program assesses the child's learning abilities and provides a tailor-fit curriculum to tap into his interests and to bring out his learning potential.

Galileo believes that the most important treasure parents can give to their children - especially in this age of information technology - is education. In this highly competitive global economy, the founders of Galileo believe that they have an obligation to prepare the Filipino children in these core subjects to successfully contribute to the world economy. They are also in one with the advocacy of educators and schools in the country, which is to address the learning needs of today's children, as they designed the program to compliment the curriculum for preschool and elementary education and to provide students with different learning opportunities that will assist them to successfully do well in the school and in life.

Guiding Principles:
  • All children actively seek to comprehend the world in which they live in.
  • Children learn through play.
  • Children's  interests and needs motivate learning.
  • Children exhibit individual differences in the development of their competencies.
  • Children construct knowledge and values through dynamic interactions with peers and adults and through active exploration of their environment.
Five Ways of Learning:
  1. Zoom your way to academic success by zapping Math and English questions with your super turbo answers.
  2. Tactile Launchpad Ready to launch! Manipulate boards, blocks, beads and pegs to create a Mathematical and English astromind.
  3. Nova Data decode your next destination in space by answering worksheets.
  4. Book Galaxy enter mysterious portals through books and explore different stars and worlds.
  5. Cyber Explorer click to be granted access to the cyber kingdom of words and numbers.
Singapore has topped international math and science tests for decades, while the Philippines languishes near the bottom. In our country, after-school tutors are the norm, even if most do not possess rigorous mastery of content. Parents claim to have little expertise in basic topics or patience to guide their own kids. Instead of setting up a tutorial center it is much better to empower teachers and parents to help children learn.
To know more about the Singapore Math Program and the Add-Venture Learning materials, contact the Head Office at 845-1234 or select centers: Galileo Legaspi, Makati City (810-8506); Galileo Better Living, Parañaque (846-5398, 0998-793-9363); Galileo Malabon (362-3154); Galileo Parada, Valenzuela (291-1136, 0948-365-2970); Galileo Sta. Rosa, Laguna (502-7023, 0988 554 8101); and Galileo Bacolod (433-4713, 0917-801-0338).

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