Saturday, May 18, 2019

Game of Drones 3rd Flight

A stratospheric high took over everyone as Game of Drones: 3rd Flight, the country’s biggest and only drone competition, will take off on May 25, 2019. 

High-flying teams will come together at Industria in Circulo Verde, the city’s active lifestyle destination that has become a haven for those who love one-of-a-kind adventures. Game of Drones: 3rd Flight is one such event, which will provide FPV (First-Person View) pilots and drone enthusiasts an opportunity to show off their flying skills without having to wander far from the city, thanks to Industria's wide open spaces which is ideal for those who love to fly drones.

On ground, there will be as much excitement as that in the skies. The Industria Celebrity Trunk Bazaa, led by Tintin Babao, will also be happening where you can find unique goods and treats for the summer.

Drone Photographers who would like to join the drone photography contest, this is your time to shoot. For more details feel free to check out mechanics and register for free through this link:

Why multi-faceted mom Keri Zamora sparkles like MyDiamond

Keri Zamora with daughter Amanda

Undeniably, fashion is one of Keri’s serious passions and serves as another self-care outlet for her.She describes her personal style asclassic with a twist. “Matching the right accessories is essential too”, she says, “and that includes diamond jewelry from MyDiamond’s Signature Collection”.

For her, the must-have piece of jewelry for every woman is a pair of diamond stud earrings, “I think it’s the most classic and elegant go-to earring which you can wear every day at any occasion.”Keri also shares that one should choose jewelry that is attuned to one’s individuality.

And just like MyDiamond, multi-faceted Keri Zamora clearly sparkles in everything that she does, most especially as a mother. “Motherhood has taught me to be selfless and to be more patient. I may have a lot on my plate right now, but I know my priorities. And that is why I always put my children’s needs before mine.”

As we celebrate Mother’s day, Keri shares some practical advice for working moms on how to balance their time between career and family, while allowing breathing space to pursue personal hobbies and goals.

Raising four lovely kids in ages seventeen, fourteen, eight, and six, Keri makes sure she is involved in their various activities and interests –attending daughter Amanda’s fashion shows and son Rocco’s basketball games; waking up early for Noah’s soccer practices; and joining Nic in his golf lessons. 

The incredibly stylish Keri Zamora is the epitome of a modern mom: goal-oriented, multi-faceted, yet in every way caring, doting, and hands-on.

Keri’s other persona is that of an entrepreneur. Together with two other friends, she founded Style Trio, an online clothing business. “Having my good friends as partners in my business makes things easier. We divide our tasks so I can work from home and have more quality time with the family.” 

As if that weren’t enough, Keri is also a lifestyle blogger with her site Flats & Stilettos, which caters to young and passionate moms who, like her, are ‘”always out and about – be it for our family or for our own personal growth and interests.”

Keri wants to make it known to other moms that they need not give-up pursuing their own personal passions even as they raise a growing family. She also stresses the importance of ‘me time’—the chance to relax, unwind, and pamper one’s self.

In Keri’s case, she turns to gym sessions, online shopping, Netflix, and answering messages on her blog. “Allow yourself to relax, enjoy, and recharge—take that trip with your girlfriends, go to the spa, or gift yourself with something you’ve always wanted.”

This Mother’s Day, Toshiba pays homage to exceptional moms

Margarita Fores and Christine Jacob-Sandejas

This Mother’s Day, Toshiba appliances pay homage to two extraordinary moms, both an inspiration to many, who graced the launch of Toshiba’s latest line of state-of-the-art home appliances: Margarita Fores and Christine Jacob Sandejas. Fores, mother to son Amado, was named Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2016 and is the moving force behind Cibo, a modern Italian caffé concept, and Cibo di Marghi Signature Caterer, her highly-successful catering arm. Meanwhile, Jacob, mother to five kids, is a former athlete and is co-anchor of the popular show New Day on CNN Philippines.

These outstanding moms prove that even with kids to raise, it is possible to wear many hats while giving their all in everything that they do. And with home appliances like Toshiba, each one imbued with the distinctive “takumi” spirit, life is made easier for busy moms with the ease and convenience they bring. Toshiba’s line of home appliances include the signature Washers and Dryers, Refrigerators, and top-loading water dispensers.

To deliver fastest internet speed in the Philippines Converge , ICT rolls out 400Gbps backbone

Converge ICT Solutions deploys its first 400Gbps backbone, a first in the Philippines, to further augment existing domestic network capacity. This rollout gives way to 400G per channel at 64 channels or the equivalent of 25.6 Terabps at full capacity.  This is in line with the company's thrust to deliver fast and high-quality service and connection.

The backbone ensures that links going to international gateways, data centers and Content Delivery Network (CDNs) will have very high capacity which are relevant to enterprise customers like business processing outsourcing companies. Given this, financial institutions are the first beneficiaries of the deployment of the 400Gbps backbone because they require high capacity connectivity or bandwidth to disaster recovery sites and internet service providers.

With its rollout, Converge ICT broadband customers will also enjoy faster connection without any data cap for very high bandwidth capacity and best quality experience. The removal of the routing function in transport layer also makes the connection simpler and more reliable. The rollout of the 400Gbs backbone is the highest capacity technology in the Philippine market.

"This network upgrade will allow us to continuously boost or enhance our domestic service delivery. In preparation for the exponential expansion that is currently being rolled out, this will be able to help us in keeping up with the growing demand of subscribers," said Converge ICT Chief Technology Officer Ronald Brusola.

In 2018, Converge ICT strengthened its strategic international Point-of-Presence (PoP) by adding Taiwan to its then-roster countries Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States. In securing its own international PoP lines, Converge ICT aims to be one of the strongest network providers in the Philippines. 

"We offer a big capacity package that customers and enterprises want and need. There will be enough room to plan and avoid congestion in the network," Brusola said.

Converge ICT is a major telecommunication and cable television services provider and operates fiber-optic broadband networks, cable television, and cable internet in the country.

About Converge ICT Solutions
Converge ICT Solutions is the leading fiber internet and digital consumer-centric services provider in the country. Established in Angeles, Pampanga in 2015, it is the first to run a pure end-to-end fiber internet network, providing Filipinos simple, fast, and reliable internet connection. Converge ICT Solutions is ISO and CE2.0 Certified.

QBO’s Startup Roadshow The multi-city roadshow aims to level up tech startups, small businesses all over the country

Facilitated by highly experienced QBO members and startup founders, the workshops are designed to be fun and engaging to spark the participants’ creativity as they kickoff their startup journey. The event also features panel discussions and networking opportunities for those wanting to connect with fellow tech leaders. 

The roadshow aims to inspire innovators and enable communities throughout the country through sessions on startup business concepts and tools, ideation, design thinking, business model canvas, and local ecosystem mapping. To continue this momentum, QBO Innovation Hub, the Philippines’ first public-private sector initiative which aims to connect, transform, and empower Filipino startups, holds the Startup Roadshow starting this May.

The future of Philippine startups looks bright with the Philippines national ranking up by 16 positions, according to the recently released StartupBlink Ecosystem Ranking Report. 

This is the second time that QBO Innovation Hub is holding the roadshow across major cities in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. In 2018, 13 cities and over 1,300 participants joined the first run of the roadshow. Government organizations signed partnerships with QBO to contribute to countryside development efforts. The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) was among the first to get on board, sponsoring programs in 7 cities last year.

QBO hopes to make this year’s roadshow bigger through the support of more partners, communities, and business owners. Interested partners who want to bring the workshop to their respective communities, schools, or cities can host an introductory workshop using QBO’s set module. Partners wanting to learn specific skills or learn more about certain topics can have custom-made workshops as well.

Who knows? The next big thing may be in your school, your community, or your city. “We saw the impact of last year’s roadshow in answering what most aspiring startup founders want to know: ‘Where do we start? “We’d also like for more partners to come on board with us to help discover the next wave of homegrown startups that will put our country on the global innovation map. We want to help them figure out the answer,” adds Chan.  

“The local startup ecosystem continues to grow due to sustained confidence in the country’s economy, technological advancements, and newly-introduced regulations such as the ‘Innovative Startup Act’ which seeks to promote ease of doing business in the Philippines,” says Katrina Chan, Director of QBO Innovation Hub. “While it’s all helpful in creating a healthy business environment for Filipino entrepreneurs, there are more opportunities to bring cutting-edge ideas to life.” 

To learn more about the Startup Roadshow, visit and or email

About QBO
QBO (‘ku-bo’) is an innovation hub or a platform for the startup community to collaborate, develop talent, and grow. It provides startups with support and resources through events and capacity building programs as well as focused interventions designed to improve access to markets, knowledge, capital, and talent. QBO is the country’s first public-private initiative for startups, created through a partnership between IdeaSpace, J.P. Morgan, Department of Science and Technology, and Department of Trade and Industry.
Spurred on by the vision of Filipinos startups changing the world, QBO’s mission is to create a globally competitive startup ecosystem in the Philippines.

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Beko Philippines acknowledge Filipino Mom's through Mother's Day Out

Last May 10, 2019 Robinson's Magnolia - Beko the Official Partner of the Everyday, prepared an exciting program for all the Filipino Mom's recognizing their hard work, compassion, and dedication for their families. To promote the importance of personal time, the program also showcases Beko home appliances’ advanced technologies designed to assist mothers by optimizing time spent on house duties. 

In celebration of Mother’s Day, fun activities have provided by Beko including free make-up sessions and tutorials, cooking demos, food tasting, coffee, and pastries. Mothers joining the three-day program have a chance to win special prizes for participating in a contest, which would ask them to take a video of themselves explaining the value of having longer “me” time.

The best gift we can give to our mother is to ease their burden in everyday household chores and to make it happen they need a partner to accomplish these task. Beko’s innovative features, carried by their washers, refrigerators, and ovens, not only offer solutions that boost productivity and efficiency but also, pays tribute to the incomparable qualities of mothers.

By cutting the hours spent on dealing with everyday challenges, moms can focus on more important things, like having time for themselves or spending more quality bonding time with their family and loved ones. 

Beko acknowledges the different roles mothers provide to their families, acting as the light of Filipino home, the gentle manager, the provider of healthy and delicious meals, and the director of proper compartmentalizing. As the Official Partner of The Everyday, Beko has installed features to partner with mothers to complete everyday household responsibilities, so that they may have longer meaningful time for themselves and their loved ones.

“We believe that missing out on valuable family moments to tackle everyday challenges at home is to waste away precious memories. That is why we developed these features to assist them in managing personal time and chores.” “Filipino moms deserve a day out and we at Beko, aim to deliver that. Aside from the fun activities of the program, we would also be introducing our technologies to mothers so that they may have the better option of owning intelligent appliances in washing, cooking, and storing,” said Dyeun


Mothers can look forward to an exciting cooking appliance that Beko would soon be launching in the Philippines in the coming months.  This will help save their time spent in cooking and give them more “me” time.

With its technology, “Split and Cook,” the ovens mimic the multitasking capabilities of mothers by providing more spaces to cook two different meals with different temperature needs and durations at the same time in one single cavity oven. This Free Standing Cooker’s top stove uses gas while the bottom oven is electric, with two fans at the back to provide accurate cooking results.

While multiple dishes are being cooked at the same time, moms can find time to chat with other family members about daily matters. Once their signature recipes are done and about to be served, the conversations can continue into the right atmosphere for family dialogue - the kitchen table.


Meanwhile, the technologies of Beko refrigerators manage the right conditions to maintain the qualities of fresh food for longer period, similar to how a mother upholds the sanctuary of her household.

Beko’s “Everfresh+®” in their refrigerators’ special crisper compartment preserves the storage life of fruits and vegetables by controlling the precise humidity, reducing condensation and minimizing temperature variations inside so fruit and vegetables stay crisp and fresher up to 30days; while “Active Fresh Blue Light™” technologies protects the Vitamin C intensity keeping its natural flavor and nutrition intact.  It is almost like having a greenhouse inside the fridge which continues the process of photosynthesis on fruit and vegetables which preserves it 30% better compared to a standard crisper.   

The refrigerator also has the benefit of “NeoFrost Dual Cooling System” that ensures even cooling inside the fridge compartment and no air transfers between fridge and freezer compartments, thus prevents cross contamination of food causing spoilage and foul odor.

Increasing the storage time of fresh produce giving them the freedom to store more to lessens the frequency of their travel to fresh market.  This also releases them from pressure of immediately using all the available ingredients for dishes. This way, mothers can enjoy using their natural culinary creativity to spin new versions of favorite dishes.


Some mothers prefer hand washing their clothes than rely on washers during laundry days – which most often fall on weekends. However, the hours spent on individual treatment of clothes cost too much time and energy.

This is the reason why Beko innovated technologies in their washers that can closely match a mother’s perseverance and dedication to tackle a large pile of laundries quickly, while still providing comfort.

Mothers can diminish the time it takes to finish a week’s worth of dirty clothes by properly sorting it and washing it with Beko Frontload Washers. It has “Xpress Super Short” a 14-minute cycle that is suitable for lightly soiled small load of laundry up to 2kg. With a full load of laundry, “Daily Express” will finish the job in just 28 minutes cycle at 30⁰C; while the “GentleCare 20⁰™” copies the tender hands of a mother to lightly yet effectively wash delicate clothes; all of this special wash programs and more in just one machine.

This is also the perfect time to buy a special gift for mom as a Special Mother’s Day promotion can be availed from May 10 to 12, 2019.  Hurry and visit your nearest Robinsons Appliances branch and inquire about this limited offer.

To learn more about Beko and the technologies in their appliances, visit their website at or follow them on their Facebook page:

Monday, May 6, 2019

OLX key industry partners win big

Handing out the prize were (left) OLX Philippines category manager Andrew Tan Lee and (right) account officer John Marlon Non.

OLX, the country’s leading classified platform, awarded lucky sellers with exciting prizes in a raffle dubbed Cars Client Appreciation Raffle and Surprises (C.A.R.S.). Prizes included vacation packages, gift certificates, dashboard cameras, action camera (GoPro), home video game console (PlayStation 4), TV, and drone. Union Motor Corporation car dealer Riza Lapara won the grand prize of P50,000-worth trip to Singapore. 

AXA inaugurates Service Center in Binondo

(L-R) AXA Philippines president and CEO Rahul Hora, chief agency officer Geoffrey Tan, chief operations officer Malet Lepatan, chairman Solomon Cua, chief distribution officer Marie Raymundo, chief of commercial business Ninoy Rollan, and chief human resources officer Jaspreet Kakar.

Top officials of AXA Philippines, one of the leading insurance companies in the country, recently inaugurated their sleek and modern AXA Service Center in the Wellington Building in Binondo, Manila. This is the first AXA branch to consolidate both life and general insurance products and services, allowing customers to avail of AXA’s extensive menu of products and services all under one roof. AXA will soon be renovating its other branches to be able to accommodate both life and general insurance transactions and serve customers better. 

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Manage diabetes the All-Natural and effective way with the New BIOHERB

Good News to All Diabetic people, BIOHERB is now out in the market to help patients suffering from diabetes. This food supplement is All-Natural and at a very affordable price. Quality and Effectiveness? No Doubt because it's formulated by well-known company Nutra Berde Inc. BIOHERB is a choice 4-in-1 natural treatment with known hypoglycemic effect against high blood sugar. 

BIOHERB was formally introduced on April 30, 2019 and attended by select guests and media held at the townhall of Mario’s Restaurant hosted by Robi Domingo. It's an open discussion for everyone to ask a question about this latest products. Joining the panel of discussion are Dr. Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, Mark Lopez, president of Nutra Berde Inc. and Genebebs Hollesca Pharmacist of Nutra Berde Inc.

By 2030 the United Nations agency predicts that the Philippines will be among the top 10 countries with the most people with the said chronic disease. This translates to over seven million Filipinos. According to the most recent World Health Organization (WHO) study, one out of every five Filipinos has diabetes. 

BIOHERB was first introduced by Dr. Jaime Z. Galvez Tan, a former department of Health Secretary. Manufactured by La Croesus Pharma Inc. and distributed by the top-quality nutraceutical company Nutra Berde Inc., this amazing food supplement is packed with the leaf extracts of four plants known to be the most effective in lowering sugar levels— ampalaya, banaba, camote, and duhat.
Each of these green plant ingredients contains compounds that are beneficial to those with or predisposed to diabetes. Every BIOHERB tablet contains the right dosage of these nutrients to make it more safe and effective. 
  • Ampalaya Leaves leaves contain charantin which has insulin-like properties that help lower blood sugar levels. It also has flavonoids and vitamins that help the pancreas produce more insulin.
  • Banaba Leaves known as a medicinal herb in the country, has corosolic acid which inhibits absorption of carbohydrates from the intestines.
  • Camote Leaves with its high nutritional value contains anthocyanins helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and lowers resistance to insulin. Helps in preventing protein glycation or bonding of sugar molecule which is considered major risk factor for diabetes.
  • Duhat Leaves, the leaves of black palm fruit, have polyphenol extracts which help heighten insulin sensitivity and also increase production of insulin in the pancreas. It helps in the inhibition of alpha amylase an enzyme that produces starch & glycogen resulting the builds up of high level of glucose in the body.

“We at Nutra Berde Inc. want to provide Filipinos an all-natural way to manage diabetes. It is a disease that is a growing cause of morbidity in the country,” said Mark Lopez, president of Nutra Berde Inc., during a recently 

“With a healthy diet, exercise, and a regimen of taking Bioherb once a day, Pinoys can combat the effects of diabetes and even more, prevent its onset for those likely to develop it,” added Genebebs Hollesca company pharmacist of Nutri Berde Inc. 

Aside from the individual curative effects of these plants that BIOHERB has consolidated; when it comes to diabetes, they all contain anti-oxidants, which help improve the body’s overall health, and help strengthen the body’s metabolism. 

You can take BIOHERB once a day or as recommended, with or after each meal. Immediate positive effects of BIOHERB include:

  1. Lowers blood sugar in a manageable level.
  2. Lowers level of cholesterol and triglyceride, at the same time elevating HDL (good cholesterol).
  3. Enhances insulin secretion and peripheral glucose utilization.
  4. Reduces glycogenesis in liver tissues.
  5. Inhibits absorption of carbohydrates from the intestines.
  6. Helps lower blood pressure in part due to diuretic effect of Banaba.

BIOHERB is available in Mercury Drug Stores and leading drug stores nationwide at Php11.00 (SRP) per 500mg tablet.

1.BIOHERB cannot be taken alongside another supplement with a hypoglycemic effect.
2.It is not recommended for women who are nursing or pregnant.
3.Not intended for children.
4.BIOHERB can be taken by those taking anti-diabetic medication after a corresponding time interval and with more frequent glucose monitoring.



Nutra Berde Incorporated is a Food & Drug distributor/wholesaler duly licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Food and Drug Administration (Philippine FDA).

It is a family-oriented corporation organized on October 10, 2012.

At present, it has the following product (1) Bio-fit Plus Syrup, (2) Bio-fit Teen Capsule, and (3) Bioherb Tablet. Our products are distributed thru leading drug stores nationwide. We also participate in Bida sa Palengke and Health Summit. We also advertise our product in different newspapers.

It is interesting to note that the company has continued to explore and expand not only in terms of areas covered but more importantly on the discovery of new products to satisfy the demand of the current market, and to make use of what we most have and to make healthy products for all ages.

As the company makes its way into the future, it promises to delivery only the best food products at the best prices.


A wholly Filipino-owned company, dedicated to the development and distribution of consistently new, relevant, and superb pharmaceutical products that make the world better.


Above and beyond your potential.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Letran marks quadricentennial with commemorative beep™ card

Letran-beep Contract Signing.  In Photo (L to R) : Jhennie Villar (Letran Quadricentennial Events Co-Chair), Rev. Fr. Lauro de Dios, O.P. (Letran Vice President for Financial Affairs), Sharon Fong (beep Business Development Head), Raymond Dolor (beep Business Development Manager)

“Colegio de San Juan de Letran is ushering in a new era of positive developments and we at beep™ card are truly honored to be part of it. Students have always been among our biggest supporters and we believe that the special Letran beep™ card is a great way to showcase school pride,” said Peter Maher, President and CEO of AF Payments Inc.

Colegio de San Juan de Letran is celebrating its 400th anniversary next year and as part of the celebrations, it will be releasing limited edition commemorative beep™ cards bearing the Letran 400 logo.

“We are celebrating our 400 years in 2020. We thank beep™ Cards for partnering with us. One of the thrusts of our celebration is to give back, thus, we are targeting to have 400 scholars. This is one way of helping your beloved Letran celebrate its 400 years. Siempre Arriba, Siempre Letran!” Jhennie Villar- co-chair of the Letran Quadricentennial celebration.

Specially designed for students, alumni, and other beep™ card collectors, the Letran beep™ card will be sold at Letran Bookstore for Php500 each, beginning August 1, 2019. The sale of the special cards is in conjunction with the fundraising program for the school’s Grand Celebration in 2020.

Letran kicked off its quadricentennial celebration in November 2016 and has since been celebrating it with special events, homecomings, and tributes to alumni who have been part of weaving the school’s long and colorful history. The celebrations are divided into phases  (the past, the present, the future, and forever) covering important parts of Letran’s story, among which is the Conquistar Nuevas Glorias (Conquering New Glories) phase, where celebrations dwell on the future, looking forward to everything it holds.

Colegio de San Juan de Letran was founded in 1620 by Don Juan Geronimo Guerrero, a retired Spanish officer, and Diego Santa Maria, a Dominican brother. Since then, it has survived wars and calamities and remained true to its commitment to pursue knowledge and excellence, producing stalwarts in the fields of medicine, sports, media and entertainment, business, and public service, to name a few.

Letran’s main campus is located in Intramuros, Manila, accessible via LRT-1, LRT-2, and e-trikes, in which beep™ card is the main mode of payment. Those who will purchase the special edition Letran 400 beep™ cards will also enjoy the benefits of the planned expansion to establishments and tourist attractions within the Walled City.

beep™ is a tap-and-go payment card used in all three elevated railways and select buses, PUVs, tollways, and retail partners. It is reloadable and valid for four years. More information about beep™ is available at its website and official social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About AF Payments Inc.

AF Payments Inc. is a consortium of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) and Ayala Corp. that provides contactless payment solutions in the Philippines through its integrated product and service offerings, thereby enhancing the transaction experience of every Filipino.

Its tap-to-pay system, the beep™ card, is available for use in all three elevated railways (LRT-1, LRT-2, and MRT-3) and select PUVs, tollways, and retail partners. It is reloadable up to P10,000 and is valid for four years.

Website and Social Media

John Lloyd Cruz first endorsement appearance after 2 years is he coming back to the limelight?

The number 1 shawarma food stall, Turks with its latest campaign -- ANG NAGBABALIK. Photos and videos of matinee idol John Lloyd Cruz have been surfacing after being on hiatus from the showbusiness since 2017. This is a video of John Lloyd Cruz, which shows him walking through different paths.
Cruz, one of the most bankable actors of the Philippine cinema and very effective endorser once again proved that his fans are still waiting for his return. In a teaser video, which lasted only for a few seconds and only shows the back shot of Cruz’s, and posted in the Facebook page of the number one selling shawarma Turks a few weeks ago had been viewed 3.2M times, shared almost 800 times and gained a huge number of comments.
Without any clue in that teaser video, his fans already assumed that it was him in the video. Actress Bea Alonzo on her Instagram also posted a screenshot of that teaser video, which garnered almost a million likes.

This Monday morning Turks finally revealed in the 1-minute and 17 seconds video of Cruz showing the actor walking through different destinations, which somehow depicts Cruz’s sojourn. The video is very simple, yet there’s drama the way it was created, and in a very subtle shot, he stopped and took a bite of a Turks pita donner.
The rugged look of Cruz in the Turks video titled Ang Pagbabalik is way too far from his guy-next-door image and a lot of people in the industry are asking if this signals his return to the limelight. His fans are still wondering about the life he’s been living since his hiatus.
According to Turks president Gem L. Zenarosa that during the course of his talks with Cruz, they never talked anything about his showbiz career or plans. He added that he got Mr. Cruz as the latest ambassador of Turks because of his great confidence working with Cruz.
“I am really grateful that John Lloyd trusts our company, he is a brilliant and very creative young man. Aside from acting, we have discovered some of his remarkable talents. John Lloyd is the best endorser for this because like him, despite his absence in the show business for a couple of years, the warmth and love of his fans for him never dwindles. With our Small Pita Doner we believe that our customers will be happy to know that it is back in our menu. To keep up with the demands of our customers, Turks continues to improve our menu and offerings to satisfy the discriminating taste of our loyal patrons.” ~Gem L. Zenarosa, Turks President

The Ang Pagbabalik according to Zenarosa is actually about Turks Small Pita Doner, which will be available again in all its branches. Just like Cruz who is seen to have a different image since he last appeared in the big screen, a clear indication that the actor is recreating himslef and exploring different grounds, Turks is also doing the same thing to keep its customers excited whenever they visit a branch.

In  time for the release of Cruz's endorsement video, Turks also released to the market its newest offering --- Turks Rice Bowl, which is a complete meal. You can choose beef or chicken for your rice topping, and it is priced at P50. The Small Pita Donner on the other hand, is priced at P35.
John Lloyd Cruz now joins the roster of endorsers of Turks such as Piolo and Inigo Pascual.
Watch the full video of Ang Pagbabalik
You can also watch the video on Turk FB page: official.turks.

Reminisce the Catholic Faith an Invitation from DOT to the Newly Opened Museo De Intramuros

It was long ago since I have roamed to this famous historical place in Manila and still many establishments I have not yet visited. Thank you to the Department of Tourism for the kind invitation that gives an opportunity for me to discover the newly opened Museo De Intramuros. It's a great pleasure to see some old craftsmanship made by our very own Filipino artist. You can feel their deep devotion out of their creation. This is must be seen Museum for everyone of all ages in this generation.

The museum is located in two important reconstructions inside the walled city: the San Ignacio Church and the Mission House of the Society of Jesus. The museum is envisioned to house the period art collections of IA that includes ecclesiastical art, furniture, vestments and textiles, and other artifacts.

It officially opened last April 29, 2019 and the event was one of the highlights of the 40th year anniversary of the Intramuros Administration as an institution. Museo de Intramuros is managed by the Intramuros Administration (IA). 

As the Philippines kicks off the National Heritage Month celebration this May 2019, the Department of Tourism (DOT) invites the public to explore and learn about Philippine culture and history by visiting Museo de Intramuros in Manila City. The museum will be open to the public starting May 2, 2019 and admission is free.

The museum's current in-house exhibition presents the story of the evangelization of the Philippines from the perspective of the Filipinos. It explores changes in the "Filipino" psyche as colonization introduced a new religion and culture to the natives The exhibition is able to highlight Filipino artistry and craftsmanship that was a result of the merging of the indigenous and the foreign, in the form of religious images belonging to the IA collection. 

The exhibition has six components:

1. The Immaculate Conception -
When the first missionaries arrived in 1565, they opined that the women of the islands as "unchaste." They were bare-breasted and bathe in the rivers with men. The scandalized missionaries, therefore, set up a model for the women to emulate: Mary-inviolate, pure, immaculate.
Inmaculada Concepción images from the Intramuros Administration Collection chronicle the local evolution of her iconography. Experimentations led carvers to self-assertion, drawing from their own culture and new-found faith to honor Mary.

2. The Religious Order 
Spain's overseas expansion had a two-fold purpose. The first objective, to gain more colonies for the Spanish Empire; the second was to "Christianize" the inhabitants, who were largely animists who believed that spirits inhabit their surroundings. To achieve such goals, Spain introduced a system called "reducción" which resulted in the subjugation of the early "Filipinos," for it kept them "bajo las campanas" (under the church bells). The spatial proximity between the colonizers and the colonized eased religious indoctrination and political subjugation. Five religious orders played an important role in the evangelization of the archipelago. The Augustinians arrived in the Philippines in 1565, followed by the Franciscans arrived in 1578, the Jesuits in 1581, Dominican Order in 1587, and lastly the Recollects (Discalced Augustinians) in 1606.

3. The Patronato Real and the establishment of Parishes
The Royal Certificate of Patronage in the Indies (Real Patronato Indiano) consolidated the colonial governance of the Philippines. By the time the Patronato Real was issued, the construction of churches, cathedrals, convents, hospitals, among others, all fell under royal authorization. Royal consent was needed because each new parish obliged the king to allocate funds from the Hacienda Real to provide the new parish priest with an annual stipend, as well as furnish each new parish church with the required sacred vessels. On the other hand, the citizens of every town were required to provide building materials and labor for the construct of their parish church and convent.

4. Religious Colonial Paintings 
Amid the disappearance of the ancient script of baybayin, the indio's deprivation of Spanish, and the scarcity of books in the local languages, the Spanish missionaries converted the lowland natives to Christianity, especially aided by the images of admonition depicted in paintings and statues, vicarious
experiences induced by dramas and rituals, and the consolation of songs. The rapid conversion of the lowland population brought to the fore the need for more paintings and statues. But facing the difficulty to obtain these items from Spain or from Mexico, the Spanish missionaries looked for local supply. At first, they turned to the Chinese inhabitants in the Philippines living in the Parian settlements outside Intramuros, and then later on to indio talents Painted representations may be classified as instructional, devotional or attendant. The distinctive preferences of the Philippine colonial community in its choice of devotion to particular saints were influenced by the frequency of occurrences of specific vicissitudes or the causes of suffering, and the resulting terror from these conditions. Hence, the outstanding number of San Roque (St.Roch), the patron against the plague, San Isidro Labrador (St. Isidore the Farmer), the patron of farmers, and San Vicente Ferrer (St. Vincent Ferrer), the patron saint against all disasters and intercession of impossible cases.

5. The establishment of a parish and sacred vessels
Under the Patronato Real or Royal Patronage that was m effect from the first colonization efforts by Miguel Lope de Legazpi  in 1571, and until the United States bought the colony from Spain in 1898, no parish or Pueblo (town) could be established in the Philippines without the consent of the King.
This was done either through a Decreto Real or Royal Decree or through a Decreto Superior, a decree signed by the Governor General upon orders of the King.

At the onset, Intramuros was dotted with the provincial houses of relgrous orders, A provincial house had an church or chapel within its precinets, whieh had to be equipped with ecclesiastical silver pieces, As mere churches were built by the orders, the need for silver ecclesiastical objects grew in the late sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

The first silversmiths were Chinese. By the eighteenth century. Filipino silversmiths, descendants of the first Chinese artisans who had by now intermarried for generations with Filipinos and were mostly based in Quiapo were adept in all aspects the silversmith trade They produced many masterpieces and mastered gilding and gold plating.

The burgeoning plantation economy of the 19th century brought in a prevailing air of civic pride that swept the towns. Each vied to have the most beautiful church in the province, so that towering main altar glittering with 23-karat gold leaf became the norm. Larger and richer towns, wanting to make a statement, sheathed their altars with beaten silver, a project that involved a lot of time and kilos of silver coins.

6. The Indio Response 
The initial response of the Indio to evangelization was intimate, personal their perception of godhood was tied to their own belief system of the Anito (spirits) and their own native pantheon of gods, being dispensers of good and evil. The carvers were not schooled either their productions described as clumsy even ugly, yet compelling in a visceral sense, In the changing landscape of their own homeland, they felt the comfort of the new faith, because similar to the Anitos, its saints could also intercede for them.

From the extremely naive and unschooled carvings, carving the likenesses of divinity moved into hands of artisans harnessed into production for churches ecclesiastics and more affluent homes.

With an emerging ilustrado class and mercantile economy, expressions of faith and devotion to patron saints took on new meanings, slowly being equated, with wealth and status it is in the realm of folk images, however, where the Flipino santeros achieved originality - unleashing vibrant colors and florid designs and expressive imagery, as in this collection of urnas and relieves.

It is curated by Dr. Esperanza Gatbonton, Gino Gonzales, Dr. Cecilia delaPaz, Santiago Pilar and Martin Tinio.

In the book Philippine Religious Imagery, curator Gatbonton said, "This collection of the Intramuros Administration is extremely valuable because it represents the first real attempt to collect and preserve within the Philippines an important aspect of the country's cultural heritage.

"The collection affords the viewer a panorama of the various styles, and enables him to compare them with the artifacts done abroad in the same medium. We Filipinos have always tended to accept that we were the passive receiver of artistic stimuli from abroad. This collection proves that the Philippines was as much a giver," wrote Gatbonton.

DOT Secretary and Chairperson of the IA Board of Administrators, Bernadette Romulo Puyat said, "IA's dedication in ensuring that the tangible treasures that immortalize our history are now accessible to the public is commendable."

She congratulated IA Administrator Guiller Asido and the cultural workers behind the museum and added, "This project, rooted in passion and a deep love of country, must be emulated and replicated."

"The Department of Tourism will be investing in the promotion of cultural tourism in the years to come. We're doing it not just because we need to expand our tourism products, engage a specific market and increase revenue Cultural tourism is telling the world our narrative. It is also a frame to ensure that our heritage structures and objects such as these will be preserved and enjoyed by our progeny," Puyat said.

The Intramuros Administration is an attached agency of the DOT in-charge of the restoration, development, and promotion of the historic walled city of Intramuros. 

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