Thursday, August 16, 2018

Free Taste of Premium Liquor Brands at the launch of Tasting Corner

August 15, 2018 @ Tasting Corner Mall of Asia Hypermarket - as part of the 60th-year celebration of #AweSm, shoppers can have the chance to taste some of the premium brands of liquors, beers, and wines at the Tasting Corner of selected Sm Hypermarket & Supermarket which officially launch in support of this newfound maturity and sophistication of their client Blue Mountain, the exclusive supplier of all wine and spirits sold in SM stores.

The past decade has seen a shift for the better in the way that Filipinos consume alcohol.  Rather than consume huge amounts of beer in bars, Filipinos now prefer to purchase smaller amounts of premium brands in liquor stores and to drink at home.  This new trend towards quality and moderation speaks well of our drinking culture in terms of maturity.

To begin the program Mr. Antonio Villasenor president of  Blue Mountain called for his welcome remarks. "It's our way of creating an opportunity for our valued customers to experience and to know the top leading brands of wines, beers, and liquors he said". Taste preferences of customer evolve over the years, so with the help of this free sample they can able to choose which brand suits for them he added"

Joining the programs are the brand ambassadors which talks about their products so the consumers can have more idea in selecting a brand that will fit their lifestyle.

The Tasting Corner is a pop-up store that will open in selected SM Supermarkets and Hypermarkets between August 16 to November 8.  For the first time in the Philippines, it will offer SM customers free samples of premium spirits such as Johnny Walker, Hennessy, Jose Cuervo Gold, and a selection of other great wines and spirits.

Hurry to your nearest Supermarkets or Hypermarkets and don't miss this chance to taste this premium brands. 

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