Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Responsible Traffic Enforcer!


Roger Go and Jenriel Cheng  

These traffic enforcers that even on a super intensity of the heat of the day and even heavy rains still do their job for the little salary that they got,  yet other drivers used to scold them due to a messy traffic encountered every day.

The  two responsible traffic enforcers was headed by  Mr Jesan  Idquila  -  Sector  Com mander  of   Barangay Muzon and  Roberto “ Bobby”  P. Esquivel – Executive Assistant IV Head Of  CTM-SCOG  of  The Rising City  Of  San Jose  Del  Monte Bulacan and under the local government of  Mayor  Arthur  B. Robes, Vice Mayor Efren Bartolome  Jr.  and Congresswoman  Florida  “Rida”   P.  Robes. Keep up your good work!

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