Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Aja Aja Tayo! Trade Launch The First Korean-Filipino Variety Gameshow in the Philippines

July 17, 2018 @Johnny B. Good Restaurant - a media launch event was conducted to announce the airing of the First-ever Korean-Filipino Reality Gameshow in the Philippines, AJA AJA TAYO!

(Aja Aja Tayo!) what does it mean? it's the Korean language for ("Laban" or "Fight") 
like Filipinos, Koreans is known also for their resiliency. They have shown their courage to face any difficulties in life as like Filipinos do also when we suffer from disasters and calamities.
 (Laban lang, Keep Going, that's the spirit we have in common with Koreans)

Paul Kim & KA Antonio are the hosts of the program, welcomes the audiences and talks a small introduction and background about Aja Aja Tayo!

The first speaker of the program is Mr. Charles Kim, CEO of ShowBT Philippines. He tells about their future plans and project to collaborate with Philippine Entertainment.

After Mr. Charles speech, the cast of the show is started to call. Unfortunately, Team Captain of the Blue Team Mr. Fu is not able to make it in time because of the bad weather. On the other hand, the funny comedian and Team Captain of Red Team Wilma Doesnt join the stage for the discussion.

Joining the discussion also are Mr. Robin (Jung Sung-han) head of entertainment for ShowBT. He is a former member of popular gag trio “Cult Triple”. Beside him at the right is Ms. Steena Koo, the female host for the Aja Aja Tayo Show partner with her male host Mr. Jojo Alajar.

After a small discussion, the male group SB19 namely Stell, Sejun, Ken, Josh and Justin performed the official dance theme for the Aja! Aja! Tayo! variety show. They are Filipinos trained under the Korean supervision. Aja! Aja! Tayo! dance step is so simple that everyone can easily follow and dance it too.

Korean Oppas Daewon, Habin, and Harang formed as BNF Benefit Group shows also on the media launch and the crowd starts to roar as they perform live in front of Korean fanatics. These trios are part also of the game show that competes in every challenge.

Last part of the segment and before the program ends. Media friends and audiences have given the chance to ask some few questions.

“Aja-Aja! Tayo!”  is a 1-hour variety show that will start its first pilot episode on July 21, 2018 Saturday at TV 5 and will broadcast for 13 consecutive weeks.

Mark your calendar and let's have fun watching the first ever Filipino-Korean fusion variety gameshow here in the Philippines. 

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