Friday, June 8, 2018

Derm Strata Skin Clinic & Spa Blogger's Conference

June marks the month of many big celebrations such as Independence Day, Father's Day, and Weddings.

Derm Strata wanted to share new ideas about how you can celebrate this occasions more meaningful and memorable.

Let's start with the Father's Day! Instead of giving gifts or any material thing, why not treat your Dad with the relaxing and pampering Spa that will soothe his body pains.

Wedding bells are ringing, June bride is coming! The month of June became popular for couples to undertake their weddings. They believe good fortune will come if they exchange vows in this month.

Make it more exciting, fun and relaxing here at Derm Strata. Check the Bridal shower package that matches to your budget.

At Dermstrata, they are serious about skin care. Clients come back again and again because they see immediate results that stem from their personalized skin care treatments and gentle approach.

A good personal outlook produces confidence, confidence helps one to face everyday challenges of life; the self and the image they project to the society determine the roles they play, the people they meet and the lives they lead.

Beauty, physical and internal, produces a confidence that enables one to explore one’s potential to the fullest.  Ultimately, confidence in your own skin is the source and the promise of beauty.

Vision and Mission

Confidence in your own skin is Happiness. Beauty is in Happiness. Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa: from its humble beginning of a single branch in SM Centerpoint. A testament to the outstanding service, Dermstrata provides to its multitude of satisfied and happy clients. 

Started by the vivacious Dermatologist, Dr. Winnie Rodriguez on December of 1998, she envisioned Dermstrata Skin Clinic & Spa to be an institution that caters to the physical needs as well as address the emotional and social well-being of the person; an institution that allows an ordinary person to afford such treatment and pampering. It’s a vision carried through professionalism, impeccable service, unmatched personal attention and tender, loving care by the charismatic doctor and her group of doctors and crew of highly skilled nurses and therapists.

Through the years, Dermstrata has established its name by having well-trained skin specialists.

Our therapists are known to have the most gentle hands for you to experience a more pleasant experience.

More and more people are switching to Dermstrata because of their high-quality service.

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