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Cowboy Grills since 1994 celebrates its 24 years of Great place, great food

Last May 16, 2018 Cowboy Grill Malate Branch - cowboy Grill showcase the 24 meals in an intimate gathering together with some friends in the media and food bloggers.

It's been a while since the last time I visited Cowboy Grill. It was during our College day back in 2002. It was my first time also to experience hanging out with friends. Drinking and Dancing while enjoying good food and great music. 

Time is really so fast and now it's already 24 years of successful business. That proves that Cowboy Grill is an extraordinary lair for everyone.

If there is one resto bar in the Metro that most of us can relate to, because of the unforgettable night out gimmicks and entertainment with family and friends, it is the Cowboy Grill. 

The Cowboy Grill reminds us of the countless drinking sprees, gigs of our favorite bands, celebrations of all the occasions we can name, the true meaning of "barkadahan", and the friendship and love, which were developed while having fun at Cowboy Grill. 

For 24 years it has stood the test of time, witnessed a lot of important events in our lives, and until now it is our reliable partner in relishing fun and entertainment with the people we love. 

Cowboy Grill pays it forward with 24@24
Cowboy Grill for 24 years has been a part of many people's memories - be it a failure, heartaches, joys, and triumphs. But the most important fact is whenever you enter Cowboy Grill, you will begin to forget other things because, in Cowboy Grill, it is all about fun and entertainment.

Humble beginnings 

Twenty-four years ago. Cowboy Grill was established just to accommodate the customers of a sister company who were looking for live band shows and at the same time enjoy palatable dishes. Its first branch opened in the busy street of Mabini, Ermita, Manila, which easily gained a lot of following. With its spacious entertainment area, good sound system, reliable and good-looking crew and staff, and of course excellent show bands. Cowboy Grill became the leading entertainment spot in the Metro. "As our name implies, "Cowboy," our resto bar is the place of people who easily get along with others. In other words, madaling or magaling makisama, walang kiyeme," said Mr. Caasi Chief Operating Officer of Cowboy Grill. 

Cowboy Grill with its new and better concept on how to keep its customers happy, Cowboy Grill became a hit to those who enjoy music, dancing and of course great food. It grew steadily and became the benchmark of other companies that venture into this kind of business. 

"Because of its large seating capacity. Cowboy Grill serves as a mini concert venue to many aspiring entertainment groups. As a matter of fact, a number of Pinoy bands started with us, and we are very proud of it because it's with us where they have nurtured their talents," added Mr.Pili Operation Manager. 

The smallest branch of Cowboy Grill can accommodate at least 300 people and the biggest can seat at least 1000. Currently, it has 4 branches located in Mabini and Malate, Manila; Las Pinas City and Delta Quezon City. 

Aside from the nightly band shows, which play your favorite R&B, Jazz, Rock, Slow Rock, and even Hip-hop music. Cowboy Grill can also host your important occasions and get together. It offers catering and function and now delivery services and other party needs. 

"You can avail of their great food from 10am to 6am every day through their Hot and Ready Meals for delivery. You can order their meals using the Honest Bee app.

Great place, great food 

Though Cowboy Grill has been known for its great fun and entertainment, it is also a place for people who are looking for great-tasting food. The 24 years it's been in the industry proved that Cowboy Grill is not just about bands, beers and cocktails but scrumptious dishes as well that can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Many of its customers can swear by their mouth-watering dishes that are both best for pulutan or viand like its sisig, caldereta, lechon kawali and fried chicken

Since it started operation back in the 90s, Cowboy Grill gained the following of many foodies because of its great gastronomic fares. Cowboy Grill serves the usual Filipino dishes but unlike other resto bars, it has retained the original taste of every dish. 

A long list of food choices is available for all occasions such as Inihaw na Pusit, Camaron Rebosado, BBQ, Inihaw tia Tilapia, Lumpiang Shanghai, Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Beef Salpicao, Adobo, Sinigang na Baboy, Sinigang na Hipon, Smigang na Salmon Belty, US Beef Angus Tapa, Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings, Bulalo, different kinds of popular sisig, Steak, Tenderloin, Gambas, Inihaw na Bangus, Kilawin Tanigue, Calamares, Pinaputok na Pla-pla, Pancit Bihon, Pancit Canton, Marinara, Chopsuey, Cowboy Grill Pizzas, different kinds of appetizers and a lot 

"Our Sisig might be one of the bests that you can find in Metro Manila, our fried chicken is also one of our best sellers, our pizza can compete with other brands. We believe that in our industry, among other things, the food is one of the main reasons why customers go back to our establishment. Taking that as our utmost concern, we are proud with the line of dishes that we have in our menu and we are glad to offer these to our customers," said marketing manager Erickson Caper. 

Cowboy Grill 24@24 

To thank its loyal patrons. Cowboy Grill in celebration of its 24th anniversary is launching its 24@24 Promo. 

"Cowboy Grill is enjoying the support and patronage of our customers. They are our motivation to be better in everything that we do, and they are the reason why we are still in the industry. To thank them for their loyalty for the past 24years, we are ofifering our best 24 meals at P24." explained Caper. 

The 24@24 Promo will run for 24 days starting May 19 until June 11. For every purchase of Cowboy cocktail (Tropang Tagayan) Php 559.00 they can order any meal in the list of 24 meals for P24 only. 

"As long as they availed of our Cowboy cocktail (Tropang Tagayan) they can order as many as 24 meals, and each meal will only cost P24. We want our customers to try and experience the good food that they offer. And I think this is the best way for them to try our great dishes," Caper added. 

The meals included in the promo are Sisig Pork, Calamares, Pizza Cowboy Especiale (Crispy), Pizza Cowboy Especiale (Chewy), Pizza Seafood (Crispy), Pizza Seafood(Chewy), Cowboys Chicken In A Basket, Chicken Buffalo Wings, Nicks Chicken, Mega Sampler, Crispy Pata, Nachos Grande, Sizzling Bulalo, Mixed Seafood, Gambas, BBQ, Grilled Pusit, Ranch Beef, Adobo Caldereta, Pancit Canton, Bihon, Shanghai, Kare-Kare, and Mexican Sampler. 

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Mabini #525-1474
Malate #522-0429
Las Pinas #801-7644
Delta #9221130
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