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James MacKay Foundation Inc. - " We Dare to Care"

January 23, 2018, at the office of James MacKay Foundation Inc. - it was a great privilege to have a one-on-one interview with the man with a big heart and passion to help other people. The Director of (JMF) Mr. Mark Lester Lico. 

Our interview with Mr. Lico brings awareness to us what James MacKay Foundation is all about and their future endeavors for the foundation.

The foundation started in 2005 when Mr. James Mackay executive assistance has a nephew who saw by Mr. James and asked him where is the school of this child, from then he decided to visit the school which happens to be the only one public school for the blind and he found out that this school needs help so he decided to put up the foundation.

Right, now their not just focusing on helping the blind but also other people with disability and even their families. They are planning to have an expansion to extend the school for the blind and their next project is to put 2 more camps in Visayas and Mindanao.

Every month they are planning to host a charity event to raise funds. They actually looking for some company who can help them with every month campaign. They also accepting kind donations and volunteers to support every activity in the school.

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What is James MacKay Foundation Inc?

James MacKay Foundation Inc. (JMF) is a nonprofit organization and a corporate foundation that desires to uplift the lives of the disabled and the less fortunate by giving them hope and inspiration. It supports the handicapped for the betterment of their lives and empowers them to be productive citizens of the country. 

James MacKay Foundation Inc. acquires companies which help sustain the foundation and its 4 pillars: 

Education, Livelihood, Sports, and Healthcare. 

EDUCATION. The foundation started with the only residential national school for learners with visual impairment in the Philippines - the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB). It has seen how talented the students of the School for the Blind are. As the foundation expands to spread its cause and awareness of these special individuals, it will also be transforming the lives of the handicapped as they are the adults of tomorrow. 

LIVELIHOOD. As a shareholder of MacKay Green Energy Inc. (MGE), the foundation supports Filipino farmers and transforms their lives through providing sustainable jobs. These farmers are getting the privilege of being a part of something more. The foundation plans to set up a Malunggay farm wherein Malunggay will be utilized in the foundation's product, Manna Plus, multivitamins for children. 

SPORTS. The foundation wants to support the children who want to work on their skills. It has aided AJO MACKAY FOOTBALL in Mindanao with 3 teams winning 3 different age categories. A basketball tournament was also organized by the foundation in Dumaguete wherein PBA Legends came to facilitate. 

HEALTHCARE. Medical missions are being conducted in some provinces throughout the country such as Negros Oriental and Occidental wherein the foundation aims to promulgate hygienic practices. Feeding programs are organized by the foundation, as well as monthly allowances for medicines, are being provided to the locals of Negro's. Through these four pillars, the foundation has been helping and supporting the main beneficiary, the Philippine National School for the Blind. 

Knowing that there are still individuals who remain in the dark, James MacKay 
Foundation Inc. encourages you to "Dare to Care."

Mr. Mark Lester Lico - Director of James MacKay Foundation Inc.

The James MacKay Foundation Inc. gave me the opportunity to be of real service to kids with special needs - one that I am passionate about. When you are doing one of the things that you love the most, you give your 100%. Initially, my involvement was about giving the special kids great, memorable parties and events. However, as I was gradually absorbing my tasks, this dramatically changed the way I see life. 

On accepting the challenge to be the head of the James MacKay Foundation Inc., I was inspired by the Philippine National School for the Blind. It helped me appreciate life even more because the kids gave meaning to my work. They motivated me to do more and reach for more in life, for myself but more importantly, for others. Because of them, I am able to conceptualize and create more programs that bring them closer to our lives and prepare them for the road ahead and to do it in such a way that they would be able to travel that road a lot safer. In other words, programs that would allow them to have an opportunity to live a fuller life. 

Being the head of the foundation is quite a pleasure, yet it is tough sometimes. My hardest task is to provide more for our beneficiary even though they are happy with whatever we can provide. We can only do so much, and honestly, it's never enough. But they give me inspiration that drives me to do more and come'up with more campaigns that help raise awareness. 

In James MacKay Foundation Inc., we do not only help the kids but the teachers and their families, too. Our duty is to ensure the road is clear for them and to open different paths for them to take, that they have our love and God's guiding hand. 

My vision is to take this working model from the city to the different villages in the province, knowing that there are still many kids and parents out there who remain in the dark. We will build business centers where the kids and their families can run a business and earn real money. We shall continue to find scholars and support them until they reach their goals. Through the James MacKay Foundation Inc., we will train new teachers, teach those who do not have the skill set for college and make sure that they will become proud, productive members of the society who can give hope and light to others. 


13 years ago, James MacKay Foundation Inc. (JMF) has been extending its hands for help and support to the different parts of the country. 

James MacKay Foundation Inc. started out as a private foundation in 2007 and was officially established and registered as a non-profit and a corporate foundation in 2017. James MacKay Foundation Inc. is the human responsibility of MacKay Green Energy Inc. 
It all started when the founder of MGE, James MacKay, felt inspired to help and that someone has to "Dare to Care" for our brothers and sisters in need. specifically, the Philippine National School for the Blind (PNSB) gave him the awareness that someone passionate has to make the first move on making the world a better place for the visually impaired. 

"By the time I was already fully involved with helping the school (PNSB) only did I realize that we don't just attend to the problem today but also in the years to come because these kids are also the adults of tomorrow," shared by Mr. MacKay. 

Mr. Mark Lico, who started as head of the foundation in 2011, together with JMF, envision a future where everyone has a life of equal opportunities regardless of disability. The foundation continues to spread awareness and encourages the people to break the culture of treating the visually impaired as invalids. Together, we will be able to support them in their education, livelihood, sports, and healthcare, and to transform the lives of the disabled and less fortunate who have all the potentials in the world of becoming productive citizens

MacKay Green Energy Inc., together with James MacKay Foundation Inc., has conducted several medical missions such as free circumcision, a free check-up for both mothers and their children, and free vaccines in different parts of the country. Feeding programs are also organized with groceries being given to the farmers and their families. 

Medical and financial assistance are also carried out by the foundation to those individuals in need.

MacKay Green Energy Inc. (MGE), founded in 2010, is a renewable energy company that utilizes its green technologies to convert biomass (MacKay Bana Grass) to energy, fuels, and feedstock. Bana Grass, when processed, can produce different by-products which are beneficial not only to the environment but to the Filipinos, too.

While MGE creates a way on improving our environment, it provides sustainable jobs for our fellowmen. This would not be possible without the hardworking Filipino farmers. With that, MGE has opened different opportunities for the Filipinos through the livelihood programs provided for them.

MGEs human responsibility, James MacKay Foundation Inc. takes the role of supporting the hardworking farmers and their families. Together with the foundation, MGE has conducted several medical missions and feeding programs in the different provinces of the country.

Recently, James MacKay Foundation Inc. has acquired Manna Plus, multivitamins with Malunggay extract for children. Together, they are expanding plantations at MGE and provide sustainable jobs for our farmers. The foundation and Manna Plus envision a future where

Filipino families benefit from Manna Plus as they give back and help the hardworking Filipino farmers.

One of the missions of James MacKay Foundation Inc. is to .support the livelihood of the Filipinos by providing sustainable jobs. In line with this, James MacKay Foundation Inc. acquired MIA 

Healthcare Enterprise Corporation and its product, Manna Plus. The foundation and Manna plus plan to set up their own Malunggay farms and create sustainable jobs for our local farmers offering thein better trading conditions by planting Malunggay. Through this, they manufacture Manna Plus, a quality multivitamin.s which are 100% Filipino made, affordable yet very beneficial for the growth and development of Filipino children. Filipino families will benefit from Manna Plus as they give back and help the foundation provide sustainable jobs to the hardworking Filipino farmers.

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Come and Join us in reaching other people's hand...
Together we are better... "We dare to Care"

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