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CW COOPWAY Health and Wellness Media Launching

A new brand of beauty product will be out in the market soon after CW Coopway, an institutionalized company presented Cinderella WTtite Beauty products showcasing beauty regiments that cut your beauty session hours really short. 

Cinderella White Rejuvenating Soap Set, a three in a box beauty soap set that includes Cleansing, Exfoliating and Whitening Soap allows you to do all your beauty sessions done while bathing.

In using this Cinderella White rejuvenating soap, you don't have to spend time applying toner, day and night cream, sun block cream and more which causes your delay. By using this product, everything can be done under the shower. With that, you may attend to your work earlier. You can also go to your home earlier and have a tender time to rest. 

Meanwhile, CW Coopway called itself as an institutionalized company for turning its single proprietorship business into an employees association. CW Coopway offers additional income for currently employed people whether public or private. it also offers additional benefits by providing its member an automatic security fund or insurance for their family's future. It is in addition to their current insurance system provided by the government like SSS/GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-lbig to name a few. According to Mr. Benjie Dorango, CEO of CW Coopway, the design or structure of this group intends to fight poverty in response to the government's war against unemployment. He also mentioned that this group envisions a better future by providing its member housing program. 

Dorango said, "Once we achieved our goal, all our members will have a better life like a fairy tale come true.''

What is CW Coopway? 

CW Coopway is not what you think. 

Because of the word "coop" in its name, it does not make it a cooperative and wilt never be a cooperative since CW Coopway was created only by four people or the most is six individuals when it officially started. 

Basically, CW Coopway is a beauty and wellness company involved mostly in beauty products particularly beauty soap. Initially, we thought of CW to stand for CoopWay until we fell into using it as the brand name for our beauty products called Cinderella White that we discussed earlier. 

Again, CW Coopway is not a cooperative but it works like a cooperative. 

When did CW Coopway started? 

CW Coopway was conceptualized in July 2016 by very few people who were working as an employee of an undisclosed company. They studied well on how this Company will operate and Move On. 

After more than a year of hard studies and research, these people bravely decided to introduce their selves in the market, considering that manner of operation is not even defined yet. But for the purpose of doing business as its guiding principle, CW Coopway had a soft launching in Baguio City on October 10, 2017.

Each of the founders was very nervous about the possible outcome of the event. God's Grace, they were surprised because the turnout of the launching was unexpectedly successful. 

Was it really successful? Yes' But it was not satisfying as expected. 

Parang may kulang. May nawawala. Hindi kumpleto. 

Thus, another series of studies were made until finally, CW Coopway had its actual direction. 

CW Coopway already knew which way to take and it will go along with. 

That time, founders of CW Coopway decided to turn this beauty and well ness company into an association of combined employees and jobseekers. This association has dediced to commit itself in providing additional income to those who are currently earning people and wages to those who are simply looking for job and earn for a living. 

What is the Mission of Coopway?

Up to the time that we are preparing for this event, CW Coopway doesn't have a clear mission and vision as guide in moving forward. 

We know we need to have one because it will serve as guide and/or goal. Then I asked them, ano ba tataga ang gusto nating gawin? 

To help! To give people especially employees extra income and provide job to those who are looking for one. 

Then what actually is the purpose of CW Coopway's existence? 

Then we had our mission for living. 


"To generate additional income to currently earning people and provide source of living to those who been looking for a job to simply earn.

Where do you belong, an employee who currently earn regular pay or are you a job seeker, who felt unfortunate for not finding a job because of many reasons like, undergraduate, out of school, etc.? 

Taas ang kamay! 

Oh, we have pensionados, too! Well, that's great! Let me move forward with the employees, first and I will get back to you pensioners... 

As an employee, we are getting our regular earnings like salary. We also have benefits like SSS or GSIS if you are a government employee, Phil-Health and Pagibig, right? 

But is your regular income enough to cover all the monthly bills and save some for the future? 

Probably not! No, is what most of the people say when I ask them. 

And I answer the same when somebody asks because that is the sad reality. 

I myself is an employee. I am a broadcaster of RMN or Radio Mindanao Network handling news and commentary program over DZXL 558 Manila every 4:00 am up to 6:00 in the morning of Monday to Friday. Those who would like to listen, just tune in to 558 kHz. That is in AM band of your radio not in FM. 

As a broadcaster, I am receiving monthly pay just like any of the employees here. That is for honest broadcaster like me and Benjie who is also a broadcaster from DwWW 774 AM, our sister station. Unlike other corrupt media, they have their especial income monthly and they call it "payola".

And same with matinong empleyado, that monthly check we are getting is not enough to cover all my expenses and that of my family's. 

So I decided to look for extra income. I went to voice dubbing with the help of our CEO, Mr. Benjie Dorango who is a master dubber. 

Remember Meteor Garden and the F-4? He voices Dao Ming Su and many other characters up to this time. 

When dubbing is not as good as before, we both went to script writing, and yet the income is unstable and naghahabol kamo lagi sa oras dahil sa mga deadlines ng script. 

But we are lucky, because in our case being an employee, finding second job while currently employed is not easy. 

Not just not easy. Bawal pa nga yata. But with CW Coopway, masuwerte nga tayo sabi ko, dahi dito, hindi tayo empleyado kundi isa sa mga associate ISa sa mga may-ari. Kaya hindi natin ito second job. Ito ay ating negosyo. 

Tama po ba? 

And when Benjie joined CW Coopway ahead of me, he's just right! CW Coopway wilt be our great partner if you have longer plan in life and want to be stable. 

Kaya sumali na rin ako. 

Prior to this, naku kahirap ng buhay, uy! Kung anu-anong trabahao sinubukan ko... Yeah! Many had I tried but I always fail because I don't get what I need. I only realized that instead of me earning for the hard work I do, it is the other company who does. 

I even tried networking but nothing happened, due to the fact that I am also a down liner. In networking, I did not earn much, but I can see that the company is getting bigger. So I stopped until that wonderful time came. Benjie introduces to me this CW Coopway. 

At first I was curious, because I was thinking that I will be joining a cooperative but after several meetings with them, I realize that although the name has sembiance to a multi-purpose cooperative and is actually relevant to what they do, they do not operate as a networking company or a cooperative. 

Instead, they operate as a simple group of employees who simply want to earn extra. They work like a cooperative by simply helping one another, but not necessary a cooperative that is registered under Cooperative Development Authority or CDA. 

As we finally decided to move forward and bring along friends like you. An employee who felt like their salary is not enough.

With this breakthrough, we formulated several ways on how you will earn depending on what you want and what you can. 

And because we know where you're coming from, we formulated those packages that were discussed to you by our Marketing Manager, Michelle Suycano. 

Following any of those packages will automatically enroll you to security fund that will secure your future. That is on top what you get from CW Coopway as your income. Therefore, if you are currently employed and getting benefits like SSS/GSIS, PhilHealth and Pag-lbig, you will get another one, the CW Coopway Security Fund. This is a kind of benefit that we wanted to share with you not only for you but for your famiiy:s future. 

With all these strategies prepared for you and for us. We envisioned that in the coming future, we...: 


"Provide further benefits to all its members in addition to their current one, not only for their future but of their families." 

We believe that God will allow us to grow abundantly bigger, and if we achieved one goal that we had set for all of us, even right now, we could jump on to the already prepare bigger benefit for all of us. What is that? A housing program for every member. 

This is not a promise. This is a vision. A vision that we can achieve if we will work together not just as a team, out one big happy family! 

So join us. Bring your co-employees, family relatives, and friends because here we are'building an association of employees job seekers and pensioners that will stand on our own feet and show the world that poverty is not a problem that we cannot solve on our own.

We will stand and show the world that CW Coopway is a money making machine and Cinderella White being its product, is not a fantasy, but a fairy tale come true.

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