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Batanguenyos Food Paradise - Ciudad Food Avenue


Diversion Road, Balagtas Batangas December 16, 2017 - I can't remember when is the last time I have been in Batangas since we don't have relatives there and didn't have much time to travel, so when this invitation came to us we are so excited and finally we got a chance to visit the well-known city for its ''Kapeng Barako, Balisong Knife Making, Molo Soup and the Industrial Port of CALABARZON".

Come and Join us, Let's tour the talk of the Batanguenyos latest Food Park in town.

Ciudad Food Avenue (CFA) started as a dream of two Batanguenyo business partners who hoped of establishing a legacy in Batangas. The original drawn plan was simply placed at the back of a used calendar while conceptualizing the place. Months after, the said dream came into reality. 
The team broke ground in October 2016 and roughly 11 months after, Ciudad Food Avenue was officially launched during its grand opening on September 23, 2017. The name was taken from the Spanish word for a city - a place which provides all types of needs and services for its inhabitants. Ciudad Food Avenue in much the same way tries to provide Batanguenyo food fanatics all types of food that they could possibly want in one Food Avenue. It presents a vibe and ambiance which could be at par with highly organized food hubs in the Philippines. 

At present, CFA is home to 11 large restaurants serving a wide variety of dishes. Each establishment has a unique theme, concept, and specialty which only they could offer. CFA also houses 17 food carts which serve refreshments, pika pika and light to heavy snacks.

12x8 PIPE Bar and Restaurant 
The name of the establishment is taken literally from the foundation of its structure, 12 pieces of 12 inches in diameter and 8 feet in length steel pipe. It wants to be known as a module-type industrial food plant wherein its layout is a food court rolled into one restaurant. 

The first floor offers a wide variety of food choices. Since it follows an industrial food plant concept, the name of each section/stall is also industry-related. 

The first stall is known as "INASAL COMBUSTION" wherein the dish is seasoned with special spices and cooked through combustion by coal. It is served with sidings and soup. 

The next stall is "RICE BOWL REACTION" where the flavored sauce is reacted with fried rice while their choice rice topping is added to it. The dish is very affordable for students and those who have a tight budget. 

"RAMEN DILUTION" meanwhile uses authentic Japanese spices added to meat stock to cook the ramen noodles. 

Next is "KAMBINGAN EXPRESS" which uses goat meat fresh from the farm and cooked in such as a way that you wouldn't recognize or notice the typical "goat" taste. The restaurant also features 
This is the best Kalderatang Kambing I ever taste so don't miss out this on your bucket list. The meat is so tasty, juicy and tender. I'm sure you will love it too!

"BOODLE BONDING" a collection of native dishes in one group meal; a great bonding experience for small groups, friends and most especially for families. 

"CHICKEN-PORK PYROLYSIS" uses the traditional firebrick oven in cooking to bring out the distinctive roasted taste of the product which one couldn't find in any restaurant in Batangas. 

One of the newest addition to the stalls at 12x8 Pipe Bar and Restaurant is "BURGER COMPRESSION" which uses pure beef patty topped with fresh green ice lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumber and special milky cheese sauce. It boasts of its very own "Papa's Special Big Burger/' a 6-inch in diameter, 4 inch thick burger which is surely satisfy your taste buds. The restaurant during weekends hold a burger challenge where if you finish the said burger in less than three (3) minutes, you would get it for free. 
Are you good enough to take the challenge?

Late at night, the restaurant transforms into a bar which serves different Viquors and beverages along with different appetizers. Guests are entertained by live acoustic bands from Lipa and Batangas City which plays on a nightly basis. Its best seller is its own "Crispy Pata" which underwent several processes to perfect the dish. 

So if you are looking for a place to dine, chill, bond and enjoy great music, 12x8 Pipe Bar and Restaurant is the place to be.

The first among its main establishments is Cafe de Alps - the first and only bus cafe in Batangas which serves rice meals, all-day American breakfast, and pasta. It is also the only establishment within CFA allowed to serve coffee, both hot and cold. Hotspot KTV, on the other hand, boasts of its cozy KTV rooms perfect for night cuts and belting out tunes with family and friends. Twins Wild Wings, meanwhile, is the only restaurant allowed to serve different preparations of chicken wings among its clients. Bulls and Booze as the name suggest serves different types of steak and booze to please its guests. Big Boned Restobar exclusively serves back ribs steak with a western and Batanguenyo fusion of dish in addition to other dishes. It likewise serves both alcoholic and non-alchoholic beverages. 

Casa Del Rey

 Pier 151

TJ Sizzle

HotSpot KTV Bar

Jobelle Ice Cream which boasts of its strawberry-chili ice cream (one which has a different spunk to it) along with other flavors.
Eat's Soya/Nacholicious serves soya milk, flavored taho and different variants of nachos - perfect for small group snacks. 

Next is Senor Churros which boasts of its churros served with a special chocolate dip which would make you drool for more. 

Asian Dimsum gives guests a taste of dimsum and dumpling served Asian style. 

Krispy Kap, on the other hand, serves crispy potato fries with drinks.

Mexicantina on the other hand uses //longanisang hubad" as main ingredient to the Mexican food it serves. 

Pitaticious Shawarma prepares quality shawarma served with its unique sauce. Hotdog Overload is not your typical hotdog stand; it prepares hotdog with a different twist. 

Botog's Food House, on the other hand, serves the ever-loved pansit, lomi and isaw among other street foods. 

Aling Luisa gives guests who have a tight budget a place in CFA by serving lugaw with different toppings. 

Not to miss out, I lab yo ~ the first and only frozen yogurt house in Batangas City which offers little sweet and mild tangy taste of froyo served with different toppings. 

Wrap and Rolls serve three variants of plato wraps with a twist. On the other hand, Pan Pressed Cafe specializes on pan'ml, quesadiffa and crepe. 

Mac's Pizza (Masarap Pangutin), the pizza stand with a unique tagline, on the other hand, brags of its pizza with an astounding names - Big pepe (pizza loaded with peperoni cheese) and Waikiki (the Hawaiian pizza). 

Of course, guests should not miss out the food cart area. First of Which is Chiko's Fruit Shake which prepares fruit shakes made from fresh fruits. 

Lemon Drops meanwhile offers CFA guests lemonade as thirst-quencher. 

The dream is now a reality, Ciudad Food Avenue - the dream food hub for Batanguenyos. 

Our overall experience is really satisfying and we enjoy every moment of our stay. The place is so clean and tidy. It surrounds by plants and trees that make it cooler and relaxing. You can enjoy also watching a film while eating your favorite food, this is one of the added service they have which I did not see in the other food park in metro manila. 

So, What are you waiting for? Plan your trip and visit the Ciudad Food Avenue!

Thank You!
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