Friday, November 24, 2017

FAME Celebrates Bloggers Unite for an Early Christmas Treat

Born out of a doctor’s passion, FAME Inc. was established with the utmost purpose of promoting holistic health and wellness. Over the years, the publishing company has become the exemplary firm in providing trusted medical information through the efforts of its founder and very own Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, Dr. Rafael R. Castillo, a sought-after cardiologist by profession. Its flagship publication, Health & Lifestyle (H&L) magazine, provides doctors and healthcare professionals with compelling breakthroughs in the medical field and research. It also features doctors harnessing their talents and their heartfelt stories that move and guide the readers in their daily lives.

Aiming to become the medium in connecting bloggers and corporate brands, the Thanksgiving-Christmas party highlighted various partner brands relevant to bloggers of different niches which the publications also cater—health and wellness, women empowerment and travel.
Pursuing its commitment to unfold a healthful nation, FAME had ventured out into the commercial side and transpired with its second publication, the DiabetEASE magazine. It aims to serve the lay with valuable information on diabetes and its complications and broaden awareness on the better management of the disease, which has affected the lives of millions of Filipinos.
Not long after, the publishing company showcased the beauty of the country’s treasured islands as well as international tourist destinations through the Travel Plus magazine—a travel and trade magazine encouraging its readers to discover and dig deep into the culture of different places across the globe.

Two years ago, the ZEN Health magazine was re-launched as an official online publication, which reaches out to every empowered, modern-day Filipina. The magazine provides evidence-based facts on women’s health and insightful lessons from empowering real-life stories of women around the country. It helps the readers discover a different approach to staying positive, happy, and empowered in everyday living.

The FAME brands, alongside its corporate partners, acknowledge these emerging virtual communication channels and how they contribute to positive social change with their spot live streams, rapid news dissemination, and promotion of various influential campaigns that trigger engaging and conversation and compelling content.
“Bloggers indeed make a huge impact on the world’s development,” said Hudson Pelayo, Group Operations Manager of FAME Inc. “An innovative platform that delivers unique and up-to-date information to its readers in just a few clicks away, the blog is becoming one of the top choices for trusted knowledge sources.” He added that the importance of blogging may be vague to some individuals, but seeing how frequented the digital world is by the masses today makes it clear-cut that the blogging industry is getting nearer to reaching its highest peak. And soon enough, we shall be expecting a wider array of bloggers to keep the country flowing to the direction of modern innovation.

Among the brands who participated in this year’s Blogspot: Holiday Treat are Glupa, Accu-Chek by Roche, Rakso Air Travel and Tours, Green Sun Hotel, Quicksilver, Roxy, Res Toe Run, Inquirer Mobile, Uncle Tetsu, Creative Baker, and Trianon International’s Sleepwell.
It also featured booth exhibition and exciting giveaways and raffle prizes from Golden Acres Food Solutions, Trampoline Park, Skinmate, Margaret Philippines, Climb Central, Garmin, Fashion Smile, Aramesh, Detail Makeover, Kinetix Lab, and Skinpotions.

About FAME Inc.

FAME INC. is the publisher of Health and Lifestyle, DiabetEASE, ZEN Health, and Travel Plus magazines. It aims to promote good health, healthy lifestyle, sound Christian values, and professional excellence among doctors, healthcare professionals, legislators, and the laymen.

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